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ALPHA Radish®

The Cover Crop Radish Genetics That Sparked a Global Revolution in The World of Agriculture.

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Compaction-Busting Taproot Genetics

- Aggressive taproot creates channels through compaction layers

- Increases water and air infiltration deep into the soil profile

- Absorbs and holds available soil nutrients over winter

- Dense foliage covers soil following cash crop harvest

- Ideal for mixing with other cover crops

- Releases nutrients when soils warm in spring

- Roots of cash crops proven to follow ALPHA Radish® roots deep into soil

- Dense foliage suppresses winter annual weeds in spring

- Stimulates earth worm populations for added soil aeration

- Easy to grow, easy to control, will not self-propogate in most conditions

Exclusive genetics selected for use as a cover crop 

ALPHA Radish® genetics spring from one of the few products commercialized specifically as a cover crop because of its performance during 10+ years of screening. ALPHA Radish® is an excellent choice for those with little or no experience in growing cover crops. 


Possibly the single most beneficial cover crop ever developed.

Over 10 years of university research and on-farm testing prove the remarkable facts. When ALPHA Radish® genetics were used as a cover crop ahead of cash crops, the following results have been recorded and reported.

The cover crop radish that pays you back!

  • Corn yields are up 11%.

  • Soybean yields are up 10%.

  • Winter wheat yields are up from 5 to 12 bushels per acre* 

* Depending on conditions and when planted with winter wheat

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