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About Sunn Global Biologics

Global Sunn® seed (Crotalaria juncea) is the purest on the market.

Warm season legume produces huge N nodules.

The large amount of Global Sunn® biomass is easy to manage.

AquaVantage® is millions of tiny reservoirs of moisture close to thirsty plant roots.

Business on a Global Scale

Working to establish and supply distribution partners around the world with DIRECT SOURCING from manufacturing and seed producers of superior soil improvement products, Sunn Global Biologics LLC is bringing benefits to Agri producers through strategic distribution opportunities. Contact us to discuss such opportunities:"> 

Adding Value to Every Step in the Supply Chain

Sunn Global Biologics LLC (SGB) is an Import / Export company focused on creating global marketing opportunities by enabling large scale Agri producers a DIRECT-SOURCE with DIRECT producer and manufacturer lines, while providing complete technical and service support to serve the rapid global expansion of the cover crop and soil health markets. 


SGB is focused on unique and proven agricultural products that have a high impact on the grower's, producer's, farmer's and rancher's bottom line. These high value products cover a range of categories.



Products may be seed that provide uncommon benefits, such as Global Sunn® (Crotalaria juncea). Used as a warm season cover crop, among other benefits it adds Nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil, shades out noxious weeds, and adds large volumes of biomass to feed beneficial soil microbes for increased soil health. 


Available in commercial quantities only from tropical regions, this warm season legume has not been used widely in places like North America, Europe and parts of South America because of the difficulty obtaining high volumes of high quality seed. In this case, SGB works with growers in tropical areas to build capital capacity with proper equipment, training and support to increase the capacity of Global Sunn seed to more and more growers.


Soil Moisture Management Additive

Another exclusive product is AquaVantage™, which is a technical breakthrough in the formulation of super absorbents useful for managing soil moisture in the root zone. Where most super absorbents are petroleum based (such as PAMs, used in diapers, for example) and do not release enough moisture to plant roots to make them acceptable for supporting plant growth, AquaVantage releases up to 95% of the moisture it holds at pressures plant roots can easily access.


Again, the SGB product delivers high value benefits to growers who use it. In this case, it is to make maximum use of existing soil moisture at seeding or planting time, to maximize seed germination and support the all important early growth of newly planted crops. It also supports crop growth throughout the crop's life cycle. AquaVantage granules swell with moisture, plants use it, and the cycle repeats for up to one year before AquaVantage naturally decomposes, with no petroleum or residual substances added to the soil.


With more moisture held in the soil, AquaVantage can also have an effect on holding agricultural nutrients in place in the soil, rather than leaching away with heavy rains or runoff.


Cover Crops

ALPHA Radish™, another SGB product, features genetics that are legendary worldwide for their ability as a cover crop. Planted in fall, ALPHA Radish™ absorbs remaining soil nutrients, holds them over winter, then releases them in spring, where nutrients are readily available for new crop plantings.


Sunn Global Biologics is a new name for high value niche products that add high degrees of value for everyone in the value chain, from master distributors to dealers, from large commercial food producers to small farms and specialty growers.


Sunn Global Biologics is a privately held company. Please contact us. We are building global distribution and developing new products to add to our channels.

ALPHA Radish® relieves compaction better and deeper than any steel can.

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