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AquaVantage® is a Natural, bio-based superabsorbent that releases up to 95% of its moisture to plant roots. Made from corn starch and formulated to provide increased benefits for an entire growing season across broad agricultural production applications.

AquaVantage® Absorbs, Holds and Releases 95% of Its Reservoir Moisture to Plant Roots.

Healthier Plants Resist Disease Better

-  Affordable, with a high benefit to cost ratio

-  Quicker germination and plant emergence

-  Promotes vigorous root systems

-  Improved plant health

-  More uniform plant stand establishment

-  Improved crop quality

-  More efficient use of total crop inputs

-  Greater yield security

-  Excellent ROI opportunity

How AquaVantage Works

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Made From Biodegradable Starch

There is a class of materials scientists call superabsorbents. Some, for example, are used in diapers to absorb moisture and hold it in place. But those petroleum-based 

superabsorbents hold moisture too tightly for plant roots to use.


This is where AquaVantage® technology provides a huge leap forward for growers and producers. AquaVantage is made from polymerized starch. The chemistry and processing technology are made specifically for earth friendly agricultural applications. 

AquaVantage® granules look like grains of sand,but have an open sponge-like structure.

AquaVantage® granules are thirsty and expand in size up to 500X their original mass.

Unlike other superabsorbents, AquaVantage® releases 95% of its moisture to plant roots.

Made From Bio Starch

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Young roots thrive with AquaVantage® in the soil at planting time, especially in dry conditions. Long term plant health requires a good start at germination and emergence. AquaVantage provides an added moisture source at this critical time.


Soil nutrients follow moisture. So it's good news that AquaVantage works throughout an entire growing season. It charges and discharges over and over again. Healthier roots at startup can lead to healthier plants that are better able to withstand stresses that can lead to pest infestation and disease. Research shows that healthier plants require up to 25% less chemical input for pests and disease treatment.

Roots Find Moisture Wherever It Is.

Young roots get readily available moisture and nutrients held in place by AquaVantage.

AquaVantage absorbs and releases moisture repeatedly through the growing season.

Young Plant Roots
Grower Guide to AquaVantage®

AquaVantage® gives every grower a yield security advantage when it comes to soil moisture management. 


It is applied as a coarse dry particle that mixes well with fertilizers granules. Or you can get AquaVantage in a powder form for mixing into liquid applications. AquaVantage is also available in a formulation for seed coating.


Click here for technical information on AquaVantage application by crop, including rates, FAQs and contact information.

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